2018 Social Media trends 1

1) The content tailored to the users life style

Ket HanFacebook’s creative strategist during Social Media Week (Sep 2017) in London said that the average internet user scrolls down 90 meters of digital content daily; in her view,  we should place our social messages in order to attract audiences in accordance with their needs in the following way:

– 70% of content should be in short format that is easily digested. That’s for those on the move, who check their phones during meetings and their commute. These posts attract likes easily and require little analysis and engagement.

– 20% of content should be interactive, aimed at users during their short periods of down time.

– 10% of content should be high quality video content aimed at those looking for detailed information and are paying full attention to the theme.

What can be drawn from this analysis? Whilst 70% look for light content, only 10% want deeper analysis.

When Ket speaks of the types of content, it is obvious that the video content will be the dominant format on social media next year.

2) Facebook is going nowhere, it is stronger than ever

In June 2017, Facebook had more than 2 billion subscribers, representing 17% increase over the same period in 2016; more than half of subscribers access Facebook on their mobile. Serbia is one of the countries being used to trial Explore Feed, which reduces organic reach, the fact is that over 3.1 million people are continuing to use it (Facebook Add algorithm estimate of potential reach for whole of Serbia) and this is an excellent way for your brand to reach individuals.

Because of these trials, it is necessary to pay special attention to the content quality and increase the advertising budget for Facebook. Bottom line is the brand must be placed where the target audience is.

3) Chatbots and  messaging to increase loyalty for the brand

In April 2016, Facebook presented the Messenger chat bot platform, there are more 10 000 brands using this platform, Mastercard, Whole foods, The Wall Street Journal to name but a few.

Furthermore, it has been estimated that 5 billion people are using the messenger and OTT applications (over-the-top – FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Tencent, WeChat, QQ, Kik i ViberSkype, Google Allo etc)and social messaging  will be intrinsic part of any on line interaction.

It is interesting that 62% of the millennials are more loyal to a brand communicating with them via a messenger application because of a more personal, direst and transparent one to one contact. Facebook makes peoples’ lives easier because with one click they are in direct contact with the brand and in return they get a fast and personalised response and a better experience.

What are Chat Bots, what their benefit is and what are their capabilities you can find out at Drive Zone

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