Is the end of Snapchat imminent? Social media trends in 2018

Where should Snapchat spend their time?

An area where Snapchat should continue to invest their time is ephemeral and augmented reality content. This seems to be a trend which picked up a lot towards the end of 2017, with predictions that it is likely to become even bigger.

We can see from the chart that the term ‘augmented reality’ spiked up massively in September, and is still currently a popular search term.

However it seems as though they are spending wasted time on under performing tools and updates such as ‘Snap Maps’, which peaked when first introduced, but it’s safe to say was short lived…

What made Snapchat popular was that users were able to send private images/videos and messages to their friends in real-time. This is still primarily what the app is mostly used for, as stats shown on Smart Insights from December 2017 reveal that there are 3 billion snapchats sent daily. This, in my opinion, is where Snapchat should focus their time and efforts.

What to do if you use Snapchat in your marketing efforts

Whilst many businesses may still be utilising Snapchat as part of their marketing efforts, and may find some ROI and use for this, it would be wise to not to rely on Snapchat as your main social media strategy.

It is important to remember who your target audience are, and if you focus on Generation Z and Millennials to consume your Snapchat content, it is likely that you will see some drop off over the next year or so.

Utilising this content to work on the likes of Instagram and Facebook may be a safe bet, as it seems that these generations are taking advantage of these platforms’ new features, with some switching to those permanently.

As a millennial myself, I have even found myself switching from Snapchat and focusing on Instagram when it comes to posting my content, which I may have posted to Snapchat in the past. Sometimes, I find that my Snapchat account may go a day untouched, as my attention is shifted elsewhere.

It is also estimated for 2018 that 90% of Facebook’s content will be video-based; this could be a great area for businesses to focus their marketing efforts, and is increasingly becoming  users’ favourite way of consuming content.


Overall, if Snapchat want to stay in the game, it is vital that they are able to step up to compete with the current “big guys”, such as the likes of Instagram and Facebook.

Unfortunately, on current form, the future doesn’t look too bright for Snapchat, as they struggle to come up with any new innovative ideas. Marketers should not rely and devote all of their attention to Snapchat and should therefore utilise their content to work on other social platforms.

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